Getting Married at Clarendon Park



Clarendon Park is a traditional and elegant building for your special day to be one to remember and cherish for ever. Set back off London road (A6) in the grand suburbs of Leicester it is easy to find, is wheel chair friendly, and has a loop system fitted allowing all to enjoy the day. There is seating for 300 people and has an added bonus of a balcony set at the back overlooking the church. You may wish to use the balcony for photo, or video opportunities, or simply place a gospel choir there to add to the day.


You will find Clarendon Park warm and friendly with a modern approach to people’s needs and personal touches to make the day complete. We are flexible to adapt the service around you, some people prefer the traditional service and others like originality, whatever your wish we can plan the service to your liking.


To give you an idea our order of service for a traditional service is as follows:


Traditionally the groom arrives first and the bride is escorted into the church by her father/escort who later gives her away.


The couple to be married stand together with the bride on the left hand side of the groom.


Hymn (of your choosing)


The declaration of purpose.


 (A brief statement that you are entering into this Christian marriage not lightly or thoughtlessly, but with mutual respect to each other and with reverence to God and in doing so, are seeking God’s blessing on the marriage.


The marriage vows


The declaration that there is no impediment (The couple declares that they can legally get married)


The question, (The couple are invited to make promises to each other to keep throughout their life together)


Who gives this woman to be married to this man (traditionally the father or escort who is giving the bride away responds “I do”).




Dedication/blessing of the ring/rings


The vows (the bride and groom turn to face each other, right hand in right hand and pledge their commitment to one another).

The giving and receiving of the ring/rings

 (Which is a symbol of their love for each other).


The declaration of marriage

 (Where the minister declares before God and those present pronouncing you husband and wife and by asking you to seal this bond with a kiss).

The Address

The Minister gives a short address reflecting on the couple’s foundation, love and hope for the future.


 (The bride and groom are asked to come forward and kneel as we pray for the couple’s future)



The Register is Signed


The couple signs the register at the front of the church in full view of all the guests. Each witness signs on their behalf, followed by the Minister and Authorised person. (Photo poses and opportunities are then followed).

The grace

(The couple return to their position at the front of the church, the grace is said by the Minister then the couple proceeds out of the church to the sound of the organ, choir or CD track they have specially chosen.


Photographs: There are ideal opportunities for photographs at the front of the church as well as inside. Confetti is allowed to get that ideal celebration pose at the front of the church.

Facilities for little children: We have taken two pews out within the church to create some space for children to be able to play which also allows their parents to still bear witness to the service.


Church Service Fees

Minister                       £75.00

Authorised Person        £50.00

Organist                      £50.00

Church                       £75.00


Total                         £250.00


Please remember this traditional format is not rigid, we are a modern thinking church and are not in the business to turn anybody away, we are very flexible and realise not everybody wants the traditional wedding. So come along have a look and bring your thoughts, ideas and requests with you.